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Currently in October

We are in my favourite month and I thought I would share the things that currently consuming my life.

Smalltown Murders - I am podcast Obsessed!!! I am listening when I'm cleaning, relaxing, working on a project, cooking, or putting my face on. I LOVE murder and true crime and this is one of my latest binge worthy affairs. These guys are so funny, and the attention to facts about not only the event but the places these crimes take place is unique and entertaining. If you at all interested in Murder and having a good laugh please check them out. 

Smalltown Murders on iTunes 

Halloween  - The Best Holiday Ever!!! There will be so much on this other the next few weeks I won't rage on it too much, but I am working on my scarecrow plans right now and it's such a thrill. 

Thanksgiving - This is really only current because it takes place this weekend. I love the warm colours and scents in the house, and who doesn't love Turkey. I'm trying a four layer pumpkin spice cake this year. Hope it turns out well. 

Soups - My first food love is anything eaten out of a bowl. Of course this will be a current hit for the next 6 months until Spring begins to break. 

Right now I have been loving using garden fresh vine ripe Romas for a roast creamy tomato with cheese torillini soup, and a great roast garlic and carmelized onion bisque. Both are so easy to make and full of flavour. I will get recipes posted ASAP.  

Outdoor activities  - Trying to take advantage of as many days outdoors as we can. Nature walks, trips to the park, collecting fall items for art projects and this year taking my girls through a corn maze and  "Haunted Forest Walk", so excited. 

DIY projects  - I have a laundry list of these right now, finishing off distressing my dressers. I did my daughters last month and now I have the bug for it. As well Halloween spooks. Pumpkins, ghosts, scarecrows, and black flameless candles. 

Fall styles  - Sweater Weather is 24/7 now. Most days call for coats, and mitts and hats but curling up in cozy sweaters on the couch are the best (especially with a horror movie marathon) I just purchased this fantastic sweater from The Glam Shack Boutique. 


So much to look forward to! 

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