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Autumn Tag


Quickie Tag post!

1.) What signifies the start of autumn for you? 

I start thinking autumn as soon as the nights get chilly and the leaves start to turn, around here that's mid to late August.  

2.) What is you favourite autumn scent? 

Juniper and Sage. Don't get me wrong I do love pumpkin, and spice, cranberry, orange, etc... but those are so heavy and everywhere. I really love the freshness of light herbs... perfect for wine and a hot bath.  

3.) What is you favourite autumn colour? 

Rich burnt orange. I love highly pigmented warm shades. 

4.) What is your favourite autumn drink?

5.) What TV show, old or new, are you looking forward to this fall? 

Stranger Things!!!! I am late on the boat for this one so my husband and I held off watching it and have vowed to start it this October.  

American Horror Story is also a Fall staple.  

6.)  What is your favourite autumn fashion trend? 

This year leggings and thigh high socks, but sweaters and wrap are always in the mix.  

7.) What is your favourite frugal autumn fall activity?  


Bonfires, nature walks, and morning hot coffee in the brisk air. I love how the frost shines on the grass. 

8.) What is your favourite autumn make up look? 

Strong and dark. Dark lips, smokey eyes in really pigmented shades and a darker warm blush. I am pretty oily skinned so fall and winter are the only seasons I feel matted enough to wear a highlight on the daily. Fall is just make up fun season! 

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