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3 Current Podcasts


Firstly... I have just over 40 podcasts in my rotation but these are the 3 that have been in my ear the most over this last week.  


Alice Isn't Dead  

I dove into this during last spring and just picked it up again this week. Alice Isn't Dead is very similar to a audio book, each episode is about 20-30 mins long. The story is really fun and easy to listen too. If you love the horror realm I suggest giving it a go. 

The story is narrated by Kesha who is looking for her wife and investigated the extremely blizzare things going on around her. 

This is really well produced and the reading is top notch. I can't wait to check out a few more of these types of podcasts.  

Tides Of History 

This may be premature, I've only just finished the second episode but I'm hooked. Covering the fall of Rome and the creation of modern civilization. It's so well done and informative without being too text book. If you love history give this one a try. 

Side note. I'm now on episode 5  


The one that started it all. I'm sure I'm not the only one who had the empty podcast app for years without giving it a thought.. then one day you absently give it a little clickity boo and soundly you've found something. Then another something... and a few somethings later your running out of space and every morning you have noticifaction of multiple new episodes available. 

Lore is a great podcast focused on folklore and general paranormal strangeness. Really enjoyable and quick episodes. I know he now has a series on Amazon prime that I have yet to dive into but it's on my viewing to do list. 


What are you all filling your ears with lately?  

Lemon Cookie Bar

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