Welcome to my blog. A place to document my journey through life via the things I love most.

At The Beginning,

There was a girl, with dreams. Now a woman with girls who have dreams. One of which I am starting right here, right now. “The Blog” This is a journey to reconnect the dreams of the past with the content of the present and the anticipation of the future.

I am now heading into my mid thirties and have thought about blogging on and off for a couple years now, and like so many of us in various walks of life and points of time I lacked the ability to get past the “you know I should” phase. The nagging thought, or passing snippet of conversation before bed. Now that I have established a core to my life. I have a home, marriage, my children are now in school full time and I suddenly realized that I now have the time and opportunities to get back to me in a sense. All you ladies know that feeling. Digging out the woman that was around before diapers, and packing lunches, paying bills, and cleaning up spills clouded everything. When you finally come up for air you see that woman again the same and yet alien.

This is going to be a platform for all things domestic, and a little of a lot of other goodies.

Check back from time to time for guaranteed rambling and sometimes just sometimes insightful and helpful content.

St Patricks Day Fun