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New Protein Find

Oh My God! This is the worst opening blog post line possibly, but seriously hear me out!

A little about me, I am a health nut, I love working out, physical activity is just part of the overall of my day. It's like skipping a shower if it's not done. Anyway, so this past week my husband and I stopped in at our local supplements shop to do the usual protein replenish. Normally its a quick in and out but the owner was busy with some new stock so I got to browsing.

I cam across the Buff Bake line, I hadn't seen this before or else just completely over looked it, but long story short I decided to give one of the spreads a try and picked up the rocky road flavour. To DIE for. I have already tried it in my shake, straight up out of the jar and today I made a quick batch of frozen chunky monkey bites. I didn't chocolate coat them as the rocky road has the chocolate flavour already and to be completely honest I had a lot on my plate today and was just to lazy to bother.

Check out this brand if you haven't already and I am looking forward to trying the rest of the line.

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