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Welcome Spring Picnic


Here in the Great White North it is finally well.... not white. Spring has come, the snow is gone, tempertures are mild and the first buds are starting to show.

We love heading out for a picnic early in the season it's still pretty cool but it's lovely to see the world coming alive. Grab some sports equipment or just take a nice hike through a wild park. Hitting the Zoo or a child friendly city park is perfect for a day family fun.

Pack a simple lunch like the one we did below, and bring along a good book and a couple cozy blankets. The best thing about spring outings is although the weather is chilly and the world isn't quite green there are no bugs!!! well aside from wood ticks....


Pineapple Punch (kid friendly)

Mix together 1 can frozen limeaide concentrate, 1 litre pineapple juice, 4 cups water, and ice. Serve with a splash of club soda if you like the bubble and some fruit slices to look pretty. For cooler travel I store in Mason jars or sealable glass country bottles.

Avocado Egg salad sandwiches

6 hard boiled eggs, finely chopped

2 avocados finely chopped

splash of lemon juice to stop discolourization

3 green onions finely chopped

3/4 mayonnaise

paprika, salt and pepper to taste

mix all of the above together until creamy. I like to serve on a tray of whole wheat dinner buns. Slice the tops off and slather with salad mixture then place tops back on. I place these into a snug fitting rectangular baking pan or lasgana dish for trans porting.

I Love mixing avocado in with my egg salad, really creamy and the extra protein is perfect if you pay attention to your macros and need to feel a bit better about using a bun.

Dilly pickle pasta salad

4 cups cooked pasta (small shells are my kids favourite but anything small or twisty is just as fun)

1 cup mayonnaise

4 large dill pickles chopped

1 bunch of dill finely chopped

2 cups chedder cheese in small cubes or shredded

No brainer just mix the above together and serve. I like to pack these in plastic cups for easy serving and pre portioned sizing.

Antipasto Skewers

Just take your classic antipasto items and put them on a stick! Makes them easy to hold and pack. I used a simple selection of meats, olives, and roasted red peppers. Depending on your tastes(or the tastes of your guests) you can add in hot peppers.

Pistachio Sugar Cookie Bars

I found this recipe on pinterest and was dying to give it a try.

Chocolate dipped Chips

Simple perfect snack. Thick cut ripple chips dipped half way into melted semi sweet chocolate. Lay the chips on a baking sheet until the chocolate sets before packing up. This can be down in advance but make sure you have a good seal on your packaging so the chips don't go stale.

Hope you all are enjoying the spring weather whatever climate you are in and doing it in a unique way!



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