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Refresh for the New Week....Sunday Organizing

We all want to be that woman... You know the one who is stupidly well put together all the time, always punctual, never losses her cool. As much as we want to be the person lets face it does not come natural. We can all fake it to a degree but the key to really getting your shit pulled together is to work out the fine details ahead of time and plan. I watched my mother for years always sorting from one list to another and double checking everything, and sometimes as tedious at it seems it really is the best approach to organization.

Sundays may just be one of the best days of the week. A swing day if you will. Either the perfect bookend to a great weekend or a chance to get going on the week to come. These are a few of the tricks and things I find useful to get a jump start on the next week ahead. In order to reap the most benefit and reduce stress levels do a bit of planning and preparation ahead of time.

Stress happens and there is really no avoiding it completely but with a bit of planning and organization you can lessen the risk for stressful days and with the small details are worked out, it makes dealing with life's larger challenges that much easier.  

Set schedule for the week.

Appointments, social events, work meetings, etc... do this for yourself and the whole household so there aren't surprises midweek.

Use a household calendar! I painted a chalkboard in my kitchen and use this to keep track of the kids school events (concerts, sports, playdates, library dates etc.. It helps them be responsible for themselves and is a good reminder for other members of the household (ahem... husband) .

Set notifications and alarms on your devices for an extra reminder.

Update all to do lists.

I have several of these, I like to keep one for events and parties, I use the to:Day app and love it for anything I have to host or be envolved with in any capacity. For almost everything else I use the DoDo app. It allows for several different lists to be run. I have one for household projects, cleaning, work, parent committee, family needs, personal goals, things I want to read or watch, and of course the good old bucket list. Just when you thought it was over I will run a daily list for each day on notepad just so I can cross things off as completed and in the event I don't manage something on one day it can be transferred to the next day front and centre to get attention as opposed to falling into the "oh I'll get back to that later" category.

Meal Planning

My favourite thing to do! I find it super relaxing and I enjoy cooking so much so it really is a labour of love. I do this biweekly so I only have to do one big shop per pay period. Getting it down on paper and matching it to my schedule works to save more time intensive meals for days when I won't be running around and have a bit more time to enjoy the process, and using quick go to meals for busy nights. If I have something going on in the evening were I will be away from home for dinner or it's a fast turn around I like to stack a few big meals that I know will have my fridge busting with leftovers so there are lots of grab and go options for everyone. Once the plan is set I bust out a shopping list broken down by store and separated by section.

Plan workouts

Straight forward, which body parts, what circuits, length extra, planning ahead leaves no time for twedling thumbs trying to decide what to do on the day of.

Plan outfits

Hair, makeup, clothing, accessories, the whole deal. I like using the Stylebook app for this. Always try to leave a day or 2 with low key no make up days to give some skin breathing and detox time. Also use this time to clean out your purse, refresh personal items (Kleenex, tampons, glass cleaner, etc.) and prep any additional handbags needed that week. I also keep 2 make up bags stocked with powder, gloss, black, mascare, just so the go to staples are in there and then I can quickly add to them to tailor it for the days look.

* a few things to consider

The weather, were I am the winters are brutal and the summers are just as equally matched, plan accordingly. No BBQ's or el fresco evenings with 85% showers... Just as a full face of make up will not fair well in 35 degrees and a humidex value and avoided false lashes and heavy gloss on frigid high windchill days.

I personally like to detox a bit at the end of my week. After dinner I do a digtal contact detox. So yes too movies, binging on a series, or podcast, but no phone calls, no checking voicemails, emails, texts, IM's, chatroom, forums, social media, notifications, online gaming, etc... Let it go and breathe a little, those little red dots will be just fine waiting until Monday morning.  

Above all accept that no matter how well planned hiccups will happen, something will pop up, something will break, something will always get f'd up, just roll with the punches!


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