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Celebrating Canada's 150!

This year is Canada's 150 birthday and signs and celebrations have been rampant over the last month. With the big day approaching I thought I would pull out a few of my households take on the most absolutely Canadian classic treats.

So grab yourself a beer, some sparklers, and crank up some Tragically Hip and try a couple of these classic Canadian staples.


Can there be anything more Canadian? Golden French fries with crispy outsides topped with cheese curds and smoothed in rich thick gravy. OMG! Enough said. Paired with loaded European wieners, a good local beer and my kids are loving the return of Pic a Pop here and the Canadian Maple flavour is the hands down favourite (even beats cream soda and to beat a pink drink for 2 6 year old girls is a big deal).

The Butter Tart!

Mmmm buttery gooey goodness. These are such a staple of any holiday or party dainty platter. I love how rich and decedent the flavours of a well done tart taste. The pastry should be light and flaky yet still hold together and be thick enough to hold up under the weight of the filling. The filling should be dripping and gooey and thick, tons of raisins with a really buttery flavour and a hint of a bite from the vinegar (at least that is what I really like). I like the deepness that using malt vinegar gives.

Check out my recipe for butter tart slice here https://erika-kull.squarespace.com/config/pages/58b63dcb17bffc493334e2b6

Nanaimo Bar!

No intro needed really. If you live in Canada you know, you just utterly know that this is the very best thing ever! I absolutely need to go to Nanaimo and do the Nanaimo bar trail. It is number 9 on my bucket list.

Check out my recipe here https://erika-kull.squarespace.com/config/pages/58b63dcb17bffc493334e2b6

Canadiana cupcakes!

These are so sweet but wonderful. Rich and moist packed with maple flavour and salty bacon.

Check out my cupcake recipe here https://erika-kull.squarespace.com/config/pages/58b63dcb17bffc493334e2b6

Hope you all have a wonderful Canada Day celebration!

Nanaimo Bars

Canadiana Cupcakes