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Old Favourites


This is a look back to a post I did a few years ago during my first blogging attempt. Needless to say life happened and it got pushed to the back burner as things often do.

One thing that has not changed has been my love of this company and in particular these items. They are still stamped in my skin routine especially during summer. 

Original review from Early summer 2014.

Last week I received my first order from Josie Maran. Firstly I will say the website format and service is great. I received my shipment very quickly with reasonable rates. Living in Canada sometimes shipping costs from other companies can be killer!

I purchased the travel size 100% Argan oil light.

Product description: A featherweight version of the world champion of oils. 100% Argan oil light moisturizes deeply and absorbs quickly, leaving a semi matte finish. First coldpressed to protect its healthy, hydrating properties and ideal for all skin types, especially breakout prone and sensitive skin.

I was for the longest time apprehensive about using a beauty oil on my skin as I am so oily. Much to my pleasure this product works amazingly!

I have used it every night before bed applying 2 to 3 drops on my fingers and then massaging into my face after my usual cleansing routine. Such a smooth lightweight formula, even right after applying I don't feel greasy and when I wake in the morning there isn't as much oil as previously. I would say about 60% reduction right after the first few days of using it. Such a difference in fact that if I don't apply make up I can get away with not having to block oil off my face until nearly dinner time, and my day starts about 6:30 AM. With make up the oil comes back but again not nearly as bad, and it's cut down on the amount of time doing touchups throughout the day. I think come winter this will leave my skin perfect.

Aside from the oil reduction I have a very noticeable glow to the skin, healthier looking and the softness is incredible. The only issue I have remaining is a lot of texture on my four head and cheeks which I am still on the hunt for a good product to help with this, but that is a subject for a different time.

I also purchased the argon lip treatment.

Product description: Apply naturally age-defying argon lip treatment generously throughout the day. Lips are instantly moisturized and lastingly protected; they appear softer, smoother and plumper.

It has a lovely strawberries and cream scent, feels really smooth on, and comes in the world's cutest bottle. I have not noticed any pumping quality, but it does hydrate. I have been using it for overnight is during the day I like something a little heavier so I don't have to reapply as often.

Overall loved both products, highly recommend are going well! Love it! I look forward to purchasing more from this company. 

Have you tried these items? Or have another favourite line of facial oils to recommend? 

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