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Summer bucket list


I have a confusion to make. I love reading monthly goal posts. Even if they aren't followed up it's just so interesting to see the things that others are involved in. It's a chance to discover new things to try or think about and I'm often taken aback by somethings. Not at all in a bad way, but realizing that because of different landscapes we live in things that are common place to some are out of reach for others. In particular visiting a farmers market is a really magical and not often done experience for some of you. I truthfully haven't been to one yet this summer but I have the blessing of a good sized yard and a green thumb and getting fresh ingredients is just as simple as walking out the back door. Now I don't have a July goals as we are already well in and the kids are in Day camp for the next couple weeks we have a big wedding this month etc etc.. but every summer we put up a summer bucket list. 


I like to include the basics, campfire dinners, amusement parks, the beach, the zoo etc.. and then we each have a section that we include activities we really want to try. My husband as added a highway restaurant that we pass many times every summer heading to and from the cabin but have yet to make a stop there in the last 9 years. One of my girls wants to catch a butterfly, the other want to have a glow party.  

A few of the things we have on our list this year,

Visit the Planetarium

Visit The Zoo

Visit Museum

Tropical dinner party

Go Hiking

Catch butterflies

Visit new restaurants

Go to a ball game

Take a mini road trip

Go flea market hunting 

These are just a few of them among some cabin time and some home renos, should prove for an action packed summer.  

What are you guys doing this summer?  


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