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August Goals


So excited to be doing one of these posts! They are amoung my favourite to read from so many great bloggers.  

I am currently sitting in a under stuffed rocking chair in my cottage living room, enjoying a vodka and grapefruit juice with a sprig of rosemary. The skies are grey and the air is cool, a sharper contrast to the last week of heat. A pot of chicken enchilada soup on the stove and a great line up in TCM tonight. My idea of heaven. 

Since we are still out enjoying some family holiday time this month this won't be so much "goals"  but more like a collection of things and events. We have our summer bucket list in full swing and I want to really leave the door open as much as possible for free time and spontinaity with the kids during there last month off of school. 

On the August agenda, 

Get some great over the water sunset photos (or sunrise).

Take in a ball game.

Celebrate my daughters 7th birthdays both the big party with their friends and our intimate family party.  

Take the girls back to school shopping. 

Start harvesting and preserving this years veggies.  

Finish my painting and home decor projects (this is completely unrealistic)  

What does everyone have on the agenda this month?



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