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The Tan Lines Post

The Tan Lines Post


Already a week into August and on the last day of my holiday. A perfect time for the tan lines tag post!

1) A house by the beach or a house by the lake?

By the lake. I am sitting on the deck looking at it right now and love it! To be fair I have never been to a ocean or seaside beach being a prairie girl and living right in the middle of the country. A cool clear lake in the woods is my happy place.

2) Favourite summer hairstyle?

The top bun. Fast, gets everything out of my eyes and off my neck. I spend a lot of time out doors in the garden or with the kids so keeping everything out of the way is very important. Plus you don't need to worry about things looking "limp" from the heat or sweat/oily scalp.

3)  Do you become easily tanned or easily burn?

I tan, it takes a while to build on my legs and torso do I have to even out with faux bronzer but my back, shoulders, neck, and arms brown up nicely. 

4) Have you ever gotten a Henna tattoo done?

Yes, probably close to 15 years ago. My friends and I did them ourselves and it turned into quite a mess, perhaps because drinks were involved?

5)  Campfire or late night swimming?

This is a hard one.. Depends on the time of year, the water isn't warm enough for swimming until July, and come August the nights are quite cool. I would go with the campfire unless it was July, in that case it would be a swim and then a campfire 😁

6)  If you could go anywhere during the summer where would you go?

There are so many places I want to go but summer is meant for road trips. Exploring most of the USA and Canada.

7)  Bikini's or swimsuit?

Bikinis!!! Unless I am at public pool and doing laps then I have a full one piece racer back.

8)  Summer makeup must haves?

Oil blotting papers, powder, blush, bright lip colours, and a great primer.

9)  How hot does it get where you live?

Average is around 25 degrees Celsius but it reaches into the high 30's quite often and into the low 40's when you add the humidex.

10)  Have you ever had a summer love?

No. All my relationships have begun in Winter or fall.

11)  Number one thing on your summer bucket list?

Take my kids to a baseball game. 

12) Long or short hair during summer?

Long hair. Always! I am not a fan or short hair in the slightest. 

13) Do you wear make up to the pool or beach?

Nope, just sunscreen. 

14)  Worst summer memory?

I honestly can't think of a memory that really pertains to summer other then like bad sunburns or when I was in elementary school my best friend broke a bone at the end of the school year every year!! We also spent holidays working around her having a cast someplace.  

Let me know if do this tag I would love to see your answers!

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