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The Years Harvest


I stand outside in the chilly late afternoon awaiting the school bus, and it is very clear that the gardening season has come to an end. The air is crisp the wind is harsh and the leaves are all over the ground. 


With frost warnings in the forecast next week I really need to step up my game and get the remaining produce pulled out of the garden. 


This week is super busy but I managed some good head way collecting all my remaining apricot dream tomatoes and bell peppers. These tomatoes have such a sweet fruity taste. I absolutely love them! Very easy upkeep and one plant yielded 367 tomatoes through out the season. I had many green tomatoes on the plant still but due to my planting zone it's the end of growing season.


Sadly my yield of bell peppers was considerably less then 2016 but such is life. I rotated my plantings slightly and wondering if that made an impact? However not to be feared as I collect SO many chillies and hot peppers. Thai chillies, sirachas, jalapeño, East Indian chillies, grande peppers, and a great group of ghost peppers. As you may guess we love the heat around here. My husband honestly drinks hot sauce! I have visions of heat packed chillies and creamy roast tomatoes soups in my head. 


I'm really hoping to start pumping out posts on the regular. Like many of us I have so many ideas and plans in my head and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all out there. 

Such is life. 


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