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Road Tripping

Planning, planning, planning! It's far of now but like all things summer holidays will be here before we know it. Time to start the destination selection process. 

I have been listening to The Quiettown podcast and it's been immensely inspiring! If your looking to hear about some interesting and off the beaten path locations and their stories give it a listen.  


Option 1 - Route 66

Already the front runner. It fits our time frame. None of us have seen the dessert so that's very appealing. The dessert was the first option for the kids. Because we can power drive the distance 2 and from it leaves time to off track adventure into Texas or California should we feel so bold. Also a lot of really good opportunities to save on accommodations, food and gas. The only major down side is the cost for passports for everyone. 

Option 2 - Alberta Mountains  

This is perfect for the time period. Two longer days of straight travel each way and then a lot of time to explore and experience the great outdoors. The kids have never seen the Mountains so it'll be amazing to watch them experience something both my husband and I have seen already. The downside it's pretty expensive and no real option for cheapier stays. Even campsites will be really pushing budget limits. 

Option 3 - Head East

Seeing the East Coast of Canada and The US is high on our list of bucket list destinations but for the length of time and budget we are planning with its unrealistic. Not to mention it's a lot of travel time for two seven year olds on their first trip.

Obviously still in the rough planning phase but it's early in the year and lots of time to hash out the final details. I am really looking forward to having a real family adventure but a bit concerned with possible boredom on their part. We want to try to limit long driving hours to combat that but of course without stretching things out to long.

 Any helpful suggestions out there for travelling with kids? I would love to here themot any possible trip or destination suggestions? 

I'll keep you all updated. 


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