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Cosmetics Staples that are still the best


I haven't really been into beauty related blogging in a long while. Mainly because my life has just been pushed into so many other wonderful avenues. The cause and affect of it is I haven't bought any new goodies forever. What I can speak about however is the main stays that I always reach for. The items that for me and I know many others will never get old and have really made a mark in a industry that is constantly about the new and improved, mixed with constant turn over of trends and marketing.

I love the bustle and excitement of checking out the new display at Sephora, or the texts from Mac advertising a new launch. Watching the latest Jaclyn Hill, Youngwildandpolished, or Nicole Guerrio post. It can feel really overwhelming at times. Especially when the budget sometimes barely covers a few items a season. 

So here is what I absolutely could not live without.

Dry Shampoo

Ok so this isn't really brand specific, but its product specific. I love having dry shampoo to add a bit of easy quick lift on in between wash days. Mostly I love it for working through my hair before bed after a long day with hair loaded with product. I have long ass hair and dislike evening showers because I can't be bothered to dry my hair before bed. Anyways... I like to just work it through so I can sleep without that crunch product feeling on my hair. 

Benefit Gimme Brow  

I do not love my brows. I am in my mid thirties so do the math, I was a 90's child and therefor plucked my brows to tiny little strips.. The result now I have thicker but still not ideal shaped brows and too cheap to go get help lol. 

Gimme brow is a staple not only for after lining and filling, but as a way to keep them in check and give a more natural look. On days without or with very little make up I love it to just give a bit more substance to them and grooming. 

Dou Lash adhesive in dark 

Best lash glue ever! Even in dark you do have to go over the lash line with liner at times but the strength is impressive. It gets frigid cold up here and have used many other glues that although work fine in the summer they fail during the winter. This one doesn't get brittle and "break" in the super cold and wind.  

Nothing worse then getting glammef up for a holiday party and then losing your lashes on the way to the car!  

Benefit Pore fessional Primer 

Best primer I have used, and I have used A LOT! I have very oily skin combined with texture issues, and some redness and unpleasant signs of age. This primer smoothes, fills pores, and controls oil better then any I have tried so far.  

Mac Peaches Blush  

absolutely perfect go too blush, it's a great uplifting "wakening" shade. Goes with so many different looks and colour combos and has the classic smooth texture that Mac blushes are know for. 

The Bomb MaryLouMinizer Highlighter  

So crisp and bright, it can be a touch to much if your not careful but with a light hand it offers beautiful luminosity to the skin. 

Lime Crime Lip Velvets

This is a formula must have. They are so smooth, easy to apply both in the mattes and metallic shades. They are so durable against transfers and I am just sooo in love. I use them as stand alones, topped with gloss or lipsticks. They just rock! To pick a shade it would have to be Wystira. It's a perfect purple for me, can be made darker with a berry gloss on top for fall. The great with a hot pink to pump it up for summer (I like Gerard cosmetics Raspberry Sherbert gloss).  

What are your holy grail items? Long term loves or recent infactuations?  

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