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A Fresh Start


Here we are in 2018. It's so cliché to say "hard to believe" because we always know a new year is on the way, yet it always leaves us with a suprising sense of strangeness when it arrives.

A few goals on tap for this coming year.


Get on a schedule of content and get more indepth with content. Even stuff that will be of little interest to some. More focus on the things I am really loving and exploring and discussing the strange and weird things in the world that fascinate me.

It's become really easy to share a recipe or beauty products, but I feel those are the surface loves. The hobbies that take the front now that I'm an adult and mother a are bit less about the inner me. I recently got into listening to Bizzare States and it's really tapped into the desires of the inner "freak/nerd" that was at the forfront of everything when I was a teen and young adult. I love the macabe and strange, exploring interesting news and media.


Personal Life.

Really looking to focus on cleaning up finances this year, and get the finishing work done on our home for resale. It would be fantastic to see a pretty for sale sign up in the yard next fall. I'm shying away from setting a hard date for that cause it just seems that life has a way of sending us curve balls and pushing us off course. Such is life but this way it's just prepping and moving forward and not leaving the door open to be heart broken later on.

Fun and games

Family road trip. Now that our girls are school age and have a fasniation for exploring and learning we want to embark on a good old fashion family road trip. Nothing concrete but toying with a few destinations depending on the budget we will have to work with.

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and are plunging into 2018 with your best foot and intentions forward.



Road Tripping

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