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Mid October Round Up


A touch of beauty and some entertainment again this round up. The weather has been so cold and crisp here with everything frosted in snow perfect time for keeping cozy with a few good books and films.



Cake The Hold Out Flexy Hold Hair Spray

My daughter is into using hair chalk as of late and it’s taken a toll on my hair spray supply. Upon popping into Shoppers the other night I found a bonus points sticker on these cute little selection of pink bottles. Always up for trying something new, Canadian, and of course on special I grabbed this hair spray and quickly fell in love. It does honestly smell like a vanilla cake batter and keeps hair (and hair chalk colouring) in place but with plenty of soft movement. 


As well I grabbed The Sheen Queen Nourishing Miracle serum which also smells amazing and is very light weight. I love massaging some in after a evening shower and going to bed with this delicious scent (warning it may cause sweet dreams and midnight snacking). 


The Big Heat 


The Lady Vanishes  

This one is much more comedic then many of Alfred Hitchcock’s other films. Yes of course he includes witty jokes and sneaky Easter eggs in many of his films but this one is much more like a Agatha Christie novel. The characters and settings are a bit more tongue in cheek. That being said it is of course a suspense film but if your expecting something like Pyscho or Marnie disappointment could be in your future. As the title suggests this story centres around the disappearance of a train passanger and the reasons why she vanished, if indeed she did exist at all!



Where Monsters Dwell by Jorgen Brekke

This was a great find! I picked it up and was glancing over the cover at my loacal library and another lady in the mystery isle said “it’s a page turner”. A page turner indeed I finished this up in 2 days and really enjoyed the layered depth of the different characters and perceptions. It was very fast paced and nothing dragged or felt forced. 

This book centres on brutal murders that have taken place in present time Virginia and Norway. Mixed with some very interesting history of Edgar Allen Poe. In particular one of his books. 



Cheesy graphics, synthizier music, beige trench coat clad Robert Stack. Yep, all that adds up the Unsolved Mysteries. I forgot how much I enjoyed watching this show as a kid and none of that magic was lost watching it again.  

It was a month of more downs then ups but we had some good chances to get wrapped up in Halloween frights, creepy sweet snacks and tons of Peter Cushing Hammer horror greatness. 

November Goals

October Goals