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December Goals


Onwards and upwards into the final month of 2018. The snow and bitter winds are here to usher us out and I couldn’t be happier.

Organizing plans for moving 

This is a big one. We have made the decision to move this spring. So once the holidays are over there will be a ton of sorting, cleaning, painting, repairing, packing, and transporting from both homes. I want to really bang out a concise list and time tables planned so once the holiday season wraps up we can get moving on it. 

Enjoying the holiday season 

All the foods, movies, and fun outings we can handle! Some planned activities are, light drives, baking, lots of homemade eggnog, bonfires, snowshoeing, and the girls are old enough know, so we splurged on tickets to see the Nutcracker, their first time seeing the ballet should be memorable. 


Find sometime for self pampering  

Quiet down time in December is far fetched, but even a cup of tea or a hot bath here and there would be great. A few mins to drop to chores, to do lists, and worry about others. Would really like to get in a good hair mask or too, my scalp is so dry and needing tlc badly.  

Whats on your agenda for December?  

Mid December round Up

End of November Round Up