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End of November Round Up

I can’t believe this month has passed so quickly. Gotten back into the groove of life and here are some of the things I’ve been loving lately.



King Kong (1933)

Fantastic and fun! The remakes have the explosions and fast pace, but the atmosphere in the original captures the imagination of wonder and glam. My second favourite Fay Ray film (Mystery if the Wax Muesum is first).  


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs  

This is such a stunning film to watch. Separated into 6 stand alone stories about the Wild West, ranging from campy humour, classic drama, and eerie, murky mystery. Every second of this movie is engaging and beautiful. Each story appeals to different senses and emotions. Absolutely recommend this to everyone.  



Raven Black by Ann Cleeves 

Came across the Ann Cleeves in the library remommendation shelf a few weeks ago and instantly recognized her as the author behind the Shetland series. I watched them last spring and really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to watch season 3 soon. Anyway back to the books,  Raven Black is the first novel although in the tv series I think it’s episode 2 or 3, anyway. All the great cold, bleak, windy atmosphere is there and they twists are lovely. The layers of deceit, depression, and heartbreak in all the characters are truely lovely.


I have been up to my neck in flour and sugar lately. Holiday baking is one of my biggest joys for the season and it’s been a massive comfort this year. I jumped into it early this year and already have 7 items completed. It feels good to sink into something joyful. Pop on a great podcast and get immersed in the task. 

Podcast I am into right now is The Bigfoot Collecters Club, and Inside Psycho, Inside Jaws, and You Must Remember This. 




Financial planner Marty Byrde relocates from Chicago to Missouri after his business partner starts skimming money from there laundering system. He buys his life by setting up a bigger laundering operation for the Mexican drug cartel in the Ozarks. When the Byrdes arrive in Missouri, they become entangled with local criminals, opium farmers, political snares, and the Kansas mob. Great characters, great soundtrack, really gives a heavy atmosphere. Wendy Byrde’s character was fantastic. But..... there was just so much going on that disbelief could not be suspended. In order to really get into a drama it has to be touching, action packed and stay within the realm of possibility. This was not the case. The cartels would never have put up with all this, but if your characters all have bullets in there heads it hurts the dialog. 

 See you in December! 

December Goals

Classic Christmas Fruit Cake