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Mid November Round Up

Here’s what has been making me happy and helping to pass the time lately.



Lost and Gone Forever - Alex Grecian  

Another in the Inspector Walter Day series. Walter is still missing, Claire is moving on with her life without him. Poor Nevil is mucking through life without the Murder Squad, and Jack is up to no bloody good. If you enjoy English turn of the century mysteries I suggest checking this one out. 



NYX Matte Setting Spray - An oldie but a must have, it’s cheap and works great. I have been branching out and on the hunt for a really good setting spray and much to my dismay they all seem to work the same for my skin regardless of the claims or price. Nyx is honestly the best one thus far. I’m very oily skinned so it’s important to find a great setting spray that helps things from sliding around. Thank 


The Handmaids Tale 


Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, this series takes place in a very dystopian religious society. I really wanted to like this, the atmosphere was there, the structure was there, the characters where all great but... it really all fell apart for me. I think it was just so conveluded to try and make this fictional world into a statement for the current fears facing some Americans today.

Completely understandable but it just was trying to pack a lot into the story that ended up leaving it stripped of any possible plausibility. Economically it would fall, and a lot of the big scary rules set forth earlier in season one were washed aside in order to build season 2 and that just bothered me to no end. I won’t ramble all all the events that failed as it would be a spoiler. This is definitely a good one to watch if you can suspend common sense and reality. 



Hollywood & Crime  - Another great series from Wondery. Focused on old Hollywood crimes mainly around the Black Dalieha murder, it offers fascinating facts clearly delivered and aided with great guest commentaries and some really well balanced reinactments. 



Quicky Italian soup

A Pack of Pickled Peppers