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Mid December round Up

The final round up of 2018. I’ve manage a few cozy nights to relax and these are some of the things I’ve involved myself with.


Making a Murderer Part 2 

Unpopular opinion... waste of time. I thought it would shed a bit of light on all the glossed over evidence from the first season but sadly it was not. Just more of the same. 



I loved the first season so much, and I have to be honest I still think they should have just left the story there.. but.. I did enjoy season 2. A few episodes seemed wasteful and basically just filler. All around a really great sci-fi series and if you enjoy thinking and trying to sort out the puzzle this is a great own. The story is delievered in snipits so plenty of chances to come up with your own theories.  



Killer Clown: The John Wayne Gacy Murders by Peter Maiken and Terry Sullivan 

Nope not Pennywise, the second most famous clown Pogo AKA Joyce Wayne Gacy. This was so well written I blew through it in 3 nights and that is a feet when taking about True Crime. This book was insightful without being filled with a lot of fluff. The facts where clearly laid out in a perfect time line of the events of the investigation. There isn’t a lot about the victims but that has its place elsewhere. This is about the investigation and the officers involved in solving the case and catching him.  

Highly recommend it.  


Other items to mention this month are these super cute (and cheap) cookie containers from Dollar Tree, they actually look nice and are perfect for give away containers, at $1.25 each who cares if they get forgotten after the office potluck. 

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