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Lost in 2018

I feel like I am sinking.

Her we are in mid February, the year is quickly blowing by just like the storm winds outside and I am lost in it. I haven't really done anything! Am I the only one? Setting a ton of goals at the beginning of the year and maping things out and then falling into the trap of not really moving forward with those goals until the year is 70% over. I find once summer finishes there is a rush to make your dreams come true and it just causes so much stress.

The last month here has been soooo cold and the dry heat indoors is destroying my skin. I've been battling one of my most horrid eczema breakouts since my early childhood and it is so itchy and painful, and the allergy meds leave me so drowsy. It's really hard to stay focused or get motivated. 

Anyhoo hoping to get back on track with life so I felt like banging out a post today just to feel like I am still in the game,

Things that are giving me life lately.

1.  Benadryl. Oh the pains of allergies

2. Olympics!! I am hardcore viewing, I am up till midnight and then back on the couch for viewing at 4:30am lol. The only channels permitted in this house for the next 2 weeks is CBC or TSN.

Go Canada!  

3. Bizarre States - binge listening to them while doing anything (including writing this).

4. Play King of Avalon, sooo sucked into it. Playing it around the clock!

5. George's special dry skin cream - not fancy, doesn't smell great, very heavy but it works so well and really is the only thing that is giving protection and hydration back to my skin.

So in a nutshell that's what's happening in my world right now. Hope to get something else up later this week.

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