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Morning Routine


Mornings have taken an extreme change since my single, non parent 20's. The days of creeping in late at night then waking abruptly to an alarm. Doing the zombie shuffle into the shower followed by hair, make up, and grabbing a coffee for the road. Now my mornings are much busier, start earlier yet far more streamlined and less chaotic and healthier. 

Wake up and family prep 

Weekdays are a rush everyone is going here and there so I always wake up at least a half hour before the kids in order to brew some coffee and enjoy a bit of silence and catch up on blog and news reading, and get lunches packed. Once the kids are up it's breakfast and getting dressed. I keep things low key facial cleansing and some leggings and a t shirt, hair in a bun. Nothing fancy for the run to the bus stop. 

Me Time  

As soon as everyone is gone it's workout time.. We have invested in home equipment and it make it so easy to just strut down the hall and get to it. Make a protein shake afterwards and spend a bit of time catching up on personal emails. Hit the shower and get put together for the day.. Not everyday is hair and make up it really depends on the events of the day. If I am not going out I try to give my skin a chance to breath. 

Clean up and homecare  

I cannot focus if things are out of place, call it picky, call it anal, call it whatever you like I got it! Wash and put away the dishes, vacuum, tidy things, make sure all the beds are made, throw in a load of laundry, give everything a quick dust, clean the bathroom mirror, restock anything that's running low. Nothing big or time consuming but just keeps me able to keep focus and use my time wisely. 

 Any other busy moms out there with tips or ideas for streamlined mornings? 

How have your mornings changed compared to pre children?  

Happy Canada Day!

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