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Looking for that Pot of Gold

Welcome March!!!

Finally the spirit of approaching spring is here. The days are getting longer, it's no longer dark until after dinner, the sun is shinning and the snow is starting to melt on the streets. Will be a few more weeks until we start seeing grass but I am already feeling it.

This winter as seemed so long and depressing filled with bitter cold, illness, and overall gloominess, and a overload list of ideas and things to do which all hinge on the arrival of warm weather.

Looking forward to preparing for Easter and moving into lighter fresher spring cooking but with a few more months of cold weather and St Patrick's day around the corner there is still time for hearty soups, stews, and meals from a bowl paired with strong breads. I'll be posting some of those presently. 

Here is a fun St Patty's day treat to tide us over.  


A quick go to St Patrick's day treat, just switch Lucky Charms for rice crispies in your classic rice crispie square recipe and toss in some green food colouring!  

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! 

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