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Make up lately - Spring into summer

This is a little late in the season as summer arrives in a few weeks, but better let then never right?

I just wanted to run through my spring to summer make up basics. I have always been a make up junkie and really feel off the band wagon after having my girls. However it did allow me to be more comfortable in my own skin and discover the realm of simple make up. I am happy to say my routine now switches between basic and dramatic looks. So without anymore rambling here is my spring summer transition go to products.


Eyes - Spring eyes are light, usually skip the liner unless going out. Soft pastels with shimmer and gold tones. Of course the standard brown and neutral mattes stay in play. 


 Skin - Colour and dimension. This is a great time of yeah to play up blushes and highlights. It's not hot enough yet that highlights can get muddled with oil, and blushes give a great lift of colour to the face before I get that natural sun kissed glow colouring. I am all over the map in tons of pinks and peaches and soft corals. For highlights I like things that are pure and clean, save the gold and silver tones for the fall and winter. 


Lippies - soft soft soft, straight lipstick, no lining. Cream or matte finishes in soft pinks, oranges, and nudes. Occasionally reach for a gloss (those dry lip days).

I do love the soft spring shades and in the climate here we transition from spring into summer heat very quickly so make way for bronzes and bright colours. 

Make way for bronzes and bright colours!  

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