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April Goals


Is it really April already? 2018 keeps chugging right along and I still feel left behind. It's like one of those dreams where your running and running and running and never getting anywhere.

Going to "keep it simple stupid" this month. A few goals to slow things down and allow some time to unwind and prepare for summer.   

Binge watching  

Perfect month for this, the days are getting longer so I feel more awake but it's still not nice enough to be spending time outside. I have a HUGE!!!! List of viewing across the countless providers but the ones I am to get checked off this month are:

Deadwood - My husband and I just started this one, a oldie that we never got into when it was new.  

The Night Of - heard a lot about this one on the My Favourite Murder podcast.

The Sinner - Came out late this summer and I gotta catch it before it clears from Showcase on Demand.

Twin Peaks - I loved original first 2 seasons and I can't wait to complete the new season. Due to holidays last year I missed seeing it when it first came out.   

Banshee - Yes another that I have started but not caught up on. Are we noticing a trend? I think I need to stop living in the real world and spend more down time on the couch lol. 

Scandal - Another show I picked up and then didn't finish. Something about it screams Spring to me.. Maybe it's Olivia's crisp white wardrobe. 

The Daumier Files - If Ben Kissel liked it I'll like it too. 

Summer skin prep  

Exfoliate, wax, bleach, hydrate, tan, repeat. Never want to be caught off guard with pale, fuzzy, dry and flaky winter legs.. Oh and pedicures! 

Spring Summer work project supply shop

As soon as the weather warms enough to kick off the furnace and crack open the windows I want to get some work done about the house. 

Clean up the yard, refinish some furniture, and replace our front window. 

Having all the bits and pieces planned and purchased before the weather breaks will be a big help and let's be honest spending the first nice weekend of the year in the hardware store is no fun, not to mention insanely busy!! 

What's on your to do list for April?  

Roasted Tomato Soup with Cheese Tortellini

Easter Nest Treats