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Stunning and Simple Easter Eggs


I remember when I was young we made 2 variety of eggs at Easter, Pysanky and then my Mother would pick up these plastic printed sleeves that you would slip onto the eggs and then boil them. I haven't seen these in years, anyone else remember them?

My eggs are still very basic this year. My daughters are in the mix doing them so we keep it to a simple food colouring dip. They can create their own colours and the method only takes mins so no boredom creeps in. Not to mention it's the easiest method on clean up. 


Just mix 1/2 boiling water with 1 tablespoon white vinegar and your food colour combination. Add the hard boiled eggs and let soak for 5 min before removing to a old tea towel to dry. 

These days the methods are endless, lots of tie dying, specklimg, prints, different plays with textures and colours. Pastels to vivid, metals to neutrals.

 I encourage you all to try some or all of these methods.

Easter Nest Treats

White Coconut Cake with Pineapple Flowers