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A little work now saves time later. Meal Planning.


Grocery shopping day is here. Does that thought give you anxiety? Perhaps you avoid the aimless wondering around the isles by being a pop in shopper? Just grabbing a few things every couple days? Either way with some simple planning ahead you can ease the stress, and streamline your meals. Which means, healthier more enjoyable meals, and can save you plenty in impulse purchases and take out costs. 

Consider your schedule.  

Be realistic. Plan your meals according to how much time you have. Making busy on the go nights a leftover night. If you have a evening with more time plan for something a bit more time consuming, perhaps even with a dessert? 

If you can make time on the weekend or a day off to prep a bunch of items this can also help a bunch. 

Casseroles soups, and lasganas freeze great! Having this made up in large batches is a long day of work (and dishes) but will leave you with many just heat up weekday meals.  

Make your shopping list.

Once your meals are created start your shopping list. I order mine by section at the grocery store, or by items need from each individual store. This keeps it more ordearly and eliminates running around during your shop. 

Clean and prep. 

Once you got the goods home give them a wash and put everythung away. If you have the time, cut up your meat/and marinate before freezing. This way it's working for you the moment you pull it out later in the week. Same can be done for veggies, get things chopped and stored away so all you need to do on your busy night is pop the lid!  

I encourage you to try out some of these methods, she if they work for you. Have any tips of your own to share? 

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