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Movie Night Eats

Movie Nights (or series binges) are my favourite activity. Be it with the kids, my husband, or all alone (guilty pleasure I prefer viewing alone). It can be a simple affair with some popcorn and a cold drink, a fancy cocktail and appetizer theme, or a serious multi course junk food feast! 

What to watch? 

This is ALWAYS the trickiest part about movie nights. Getting everyone to agree is so difficult! With young kids try doing a secret ballot or random draw from titles that a impartial (parent) selected. I love the idea of watching previews before and then selecting but that can lead to a bit of arguing with children (and grown ups too). 

Snack Selection!

Everyone loves s'mores and this easy to make treat is perfect for indoors and you can have them all ready at once which is really helpful if you have a crowd (especially littles). 

Funtastic Sheet Pan S'mores


30 graham crackers (depending on the size of your baking sheet this may vary)

30 pieces of Hershey's chocolate 

60 large marshmallows (cut in half) 


6 different chocolate bars/or chocolates (enough to top 5 s'mores) 


Line your baking sheet with parchment paper. 

Preheat oven to 400 Degrees F  

Arrange 15 gram crackers on the baking sheet.  

Top each cracker with 2 squares of Herseys(or similar) chocolate squares. 

Top each square with 2 marshmallow halves.  

Top with second graham cracker.  


Bake for 5 mins.  

Top each backed square with your second chocolate choice. Do 5 of each flavour.  

Finally top each with 2 more marsh mallow halves. 

Bake 8 mins  

Cool slightly then serve!  

* experiment with you second chocolate choice. Cookies & cream, mint aero, peanut butter cups, and carmilk are just a few. 


To wash it all down

 Around here movie nights are for indulgence. Be it cold soda or a fun cocktail/mocktail complete with fancy garish. For this I would normally go for a ice cold milkshake but being out in the woods this weekend transporting ice cream in a cooler for 4 hours never goes well. 

Don't forget 

To make things cozy.  Dim the lights, lots of fluffy pillows and snuggle blankets. I like to push the coffee table aside to make a camp out spot for the kids. Make sure you grab everything you might need. If your a distance from your kitchen a great idea is to keep a serving tray close at hand stocked with napkins (wet naps or baby wipes are perfect too), extra straws, plates, ice bucket, drink refills,and a wet rag for possible spills. 

Enjoy your big night in!


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