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June Goals


Another month is here. Hot sun, growing plants, the joy of upcoming summer vacation. Everyone in flip flops, the hum of lawn mowers and the bustle of dog walkers at dusk. The smell of steaks grilling somewhere in the neighbourhood nightly,  replaced only after nightfall with the scent of bonfires.

Here's a few things on my mind for this favourite summer month of mine. It may be selfish but I actually love it cause the kids are all still in school and that leaves quiet streets for morning walks and chilling with a book and a beverage in the sun without being yelled for every few mins. 

Life goals -

Not talking about huge bucket list items but smaller, simpler, stop and smell the roses goals.

- take my kids star gazing

- weekly picnics

- get out to the cabin and eat greasy chip truck poutines.

- go to the beach, my girls have yet gone out to Lake Winnipeg so that's a fun experience I want them to have.

- go for a family bike ride. I haven't ridden in years and we all got bikes for Christmas and itching to use them.

Entertainment -

Binge Boardwalk Empire - this is the last of the classic HBO shows that my husband and I haven't watched. 

The History of Science Fiction with James Cameron. Watched the first 2 episodes and it was so fun and my kids found it amusing then mom knew every movie and quote. Have to teach them to embrace the inner nerd! 

Just ordered a Amazon Firestick so looking forward to really explore what prime and crave have to offer without watching via iPhone.  

Horror movies - Deep craving to dive into some new material/director, see if I can scare up something new to be impressed with.  

My daughters are bugging me about watching IT so we are going to start with 1990 version and see how that goes. 


Personal Development - 

Read more! Over the last 6-8 months I've decreased to only 2-3 books a month and it's not a good thing. I love taking in knowledge in any form but mostly in written. Weither it's a fun fiction, educational non fiction, or anything in between. I want to get back to 2-3 per week. 

Spend more time investing in social media. This is a big one for me... I have a hard time settling into using social media on a regular rhythm. I'm either heavy involved or the app icon is collecting cobwebs. I need to balance this. 

What's on the table for you this month? 


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