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Creepy casts Hekyll n Shyde

I get such a rush when I find something new and get a feel for it right from the start. Grass roots so to speak. I love the chance to follow along with the growth and development and seeing people flourish. This is why I am so pleased with one of my latest podcast gems. 


I recently came across the podcast Hekyll n Shyde via Instagram. Immediately subscribing on iTunes as I am a junkie for strange/true crime podcasts..  

Over the last 2 days I binged all 7 episodes and was very impressed. These girls are fun to listen to on a very "hanging out with you gal pals" way. The stories are fun and the variance in topics really leaves the door open to explore. Everything from ghosts stories, spirituality, and life experiences. 

In a few episodes their growth and comfort is really evident! I can't wait for more from these ladies! 

podcast is available on itunes,  

follow them on Instagram and twitter  

Grab a glass of wine or cup of coffee and give them a listen if your looking for some new creepy content and show them love if you like them! 

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