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Creepycasts 3

Another podcast I have deep dived into lately is Dark Fringe Radio. I started listening from the beginning and binged myself up to date and loved every minute of it. These guys and girl are humour-us, opinionated, yet incredibly open to any and all matters of paranormal, or conspiracy therioes


Good conversation with a variance of guests. The hosts are all very funny and well spoken with really great chemistry. The topics are dark and fun, and really has a Art Bell Radio vibe. 

If you love the strange, conspiracy theories , sci-if, horror, and just a touch of laughing at the dicks if the world then you will not be disappointment. This is very much like Bizarre States which is another podcast I adore!! Highly suggest you get into this one and binged them from the start there is some amazing topics some of the early episodes. 

If anyone has any new podcast suggestions please leave a comment or drop me an email!  

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