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Creepycasts Obscura:A True Crime Podcast and Nordic True Crime

I've decided to bring anything chapter to this post. I listen to so much podcast content that turning this into a series of posts to highlight favourite or new finds seems a good idea. Perhaps branching to books, films, series, etc.. I will warn you all I like the gruesome so any expectations of reality prime time tv will be highly disappointed. 

Obscure: A True Crime Podcast


This is a wonderfully researched and delievered podcast. The stories are presented in great detail much like casefile but with a more dramatic take. The last 2 episodes about Oba Chandler were revivitng even though I already new the crime well. 

Nordic True Crime


What an amazing voice. Soft, clear, and the accent that alone makes listening enjoyable. Warning if I am at rest or really late at night I will start to nod off, she is so soothing. The content and layout again is very much like Obsucra, casefile, Canadian True Crime etc. Well researched and cleanly deliverered. Refreshing to get into cases that are different and a break from the heavily discussed "famous" true crime stories.

I highly recommend giving both of these a listen.

If anyone has any podcast recommendations or if you have your own podcast or website about the cooky or spooky lay them on me. 

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