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End of July Round Up

Another month gone, here's a Round Up of a few of the things I've occupied myself with recently.



Devil Among Us - Mike Mcyntire

Fantastic read about the justice system and how it fails to protect the public from pedophiles. I think that's enough said but I do really recommend this read particularly if your a Canadian. Mike is great writer and the flow of his reporting is just so easy to digest.

I read a handleful of other fictions this past month but nothing that was notable. I mean a J.A. Jance is what it is right? Enough said.  



I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House 

This movie was wonderful. The story was eerie and romantic in the fashion of a classic haunted house tale. The atmosphere was dark and isolated. All be it very slow moving but it really is necessary to ratchet up the anxiety the main character is living with. Ruth Wilson is such a gem and does not fail in this role. The Affair is one of my favourite shows and in this film she really carries that timid presence we see from her in the first season of The Affair. 

If you like a more atmospheric scare this is for you, a few jumps but not a gore soaked fear fest. I highly recommend it.  

The Jeffery Dahmer Files -    I loved this. The interviews and reinactmemts went together so well. Sadly I had to watch this on you tube but other then that it was a great experience.   

The Jeffery Dahmer Files -  

I loved this. The interviews and reinactmemts went together so well. Sadly I had to watch this on you tube but other then that it was a great experience.   



Twin Peaks - OMG I love this show. This one is really hit or miss either you love David Lynch and his abstractness, watching something and shifting through the information and finding what fits and what doesn't to complete the story line. If your looking for something that takes no envolvement and you can screw around with other things while it's on. Then this is NOT for you. 

The 1990 first 2 seasons have much more of the 80's primetime drama feel but with a great sense of humour. Exaggerated scenes and embracing all possible cliches.  

The 2017 season is much darker, more abstract, science fiction. Indie and non Indy band performances, all the old lovable characters (except 4) as well as new ones. losts of creepy effects and David Lynches signature style is really embraced. I just f**kin love it guys. What more can I say. 


The Night Of - This is an American version of a British mini series. Beautifully shot and really good clean story telling. It's surface deep and really shows the pros and cons of the whole judicial system. 

The casting is fabulous and for me John Turturro carries the show. He is so fun to watch and embodies the classic film Noir PI vibe (I know he's a defense lawyer, I said embodies not replicates).  



Pixie Glow Tonic - There was so much hype about this product a few months back and I finally picked it up and have been using it daily for the last 4 weeks. Honestly.... not impressed. I mean it's not bad, it has a nice smell, absorbs quickly, but I have not noticed any of the benefits that so many others have stated. We all have different skin so I am chalking it up to just not being my thing. Again no negatives but no positives either. Not something I will be repurchasing.   

Pixie 24K Eye Elixir - As with the tonic, nothing good or bad to say. It's feels great and cool going on, you get a lot of product, and it's a pleasent consistency and scent. Sadly he just doesn't offer anything. No benefits against puffiness, dark circles, dullness, just everything that you want a eye product to really do for you was missing.  

Thats it that's all until mid August! 

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