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Creepy Cast 4


Dark Poutine

I got hooked and binged this podcast a few months ago and finally just got around to blabbing about it. 

Focused on... Yep. You guessed correct, Canadian True crime. This series is really well done. The research and dialog work together so fluidly and the warm embrace of all Canadian stero types is fun and embracing.

Most importantly is the focus on the victims and discussing who they where (or are) what they left behind and how these crimes effected their communities and the country. Not just another outlet to bring attention to an already well known ass wipe criminal.  

Quote from their website  

 "Proudly and creepily Canadian, Dark Poutine is a podcast about myths, legends, notorious crimes, dark history and other creepy topics from the perspective of real live Canadians."

Please consider giving these guys a try. Especially if your a fan of double doubles, toques, and Nanaimo bars!  

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