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Mid August Round Up

Didn't I just do the end of July round up, like yesterday? Here's a few of the things I've explored lately.



White Fire by Preston & Child   

Such a great read, fast paced and easy flowing. The touch of some period drama mixed into the modern day is a really fun touch and really got my interest from the start. Not an indepth story but for a easy mystery/thriller it's a perfect read. Even in summer I love a book that takes place in winter. The visuals always cool me down! 



Wormwood - Docudrama hybrid on Netflix covering the conspiracy theory/cover up by the CIA of the "suicide" of a scientist who may have been involved in  activites regarding MK ultra. Now the subject matter and story are interesting. Worthy of a deep dive. The reinactments and filming were really well done and artistic.. but they don't go together.. This could have been so much better in a single 60-90 min show. Stretched into a 6 episode mini series just really killed it. The slow delivery made me loose attention several times and my husband gave up completely. 


Dark Tourist - Watching this was absolutely delightful. This just came on Netflix and we binged the whole season in one evening! In a nutshell the host David Farrier hilariously takes you on a tour of kooky spooky and just planned fucked up tourist destinations. I spent so much time laughing at both the ridiculous events he attended and they way he conducts his interviews with the "attraction host". He comes across genuinely interested yet completely condescending. If your a smart ass at heart you will love him. 



The Unsuspected - A fabulous Film Noir, not one of the best mind you. The story has a bit too much going but you cannot fail with murder, overly glam evening gowns and the wonderful Claude Reins and Audrey Totter (the woman screams disdain for anything around her). I have seen this so many times and it never gets any less enjoyable.


I'm trying to get more vitamins into my skin care and had the chance to pick up some new items from The Body Shop last week.  


Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifing lotion - I have very oily skin and am so happy to say that this actually works so well for me. I apply after all other morning skincare steps. It applies really smooth and absorbs quickly. It didn't leave me completely matte but about 85% there. This is a big 2 thumbs up from me. However it did not work under make up, I had some foundation breakage, and I assume this was the colpreate.  

Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight serum in oil - I really like this, the formula is so light weight and absorbs so quickly into the skin. Perfect if your in a rush to hit the pillow after your evening skin care routine.  

Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost Instant Smoother Serum - I love the scent of this, especially in the morning. This serum goes on a bit thicker and gives that silicone feeling similar to primers like Benefits Porefressional. This gives my skin a nice smooth feeling and a bit of a blurring effect over the smaller pores. 

So far I am really enjoying all the above items.  

Until the next round up. Which, I fear will come much to quickly.  

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End of July Round Up