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End of September Round Up

These last 2 weeks has mainly been filled with, movies and lots of cuddles with the family. A few of the things that have really captured my attention the past few weeks have been.



The Midnight Assassian by Skip Hollandsworth - This is a nonfiction story about one of America's first serial killer. Taking place around the turn of the century in Austin Texas it mirrors the terrors of H H Holmes in Chicago and Jack The Ripper in London. His weapon was an axe, his victims women, his attacks brutal, and never solved.



The Bat - Have I before mentioned my love of Vincent Price? He brings an elegance to every role he plays from diobolical to swindling business exceutives. In this film he plays a Doctor with a flare for scientific study, particularly bats. This draws him into scruntiny following a series of attacks by a intruder and murder named “The Bat” whose calling card is sending rabid bats into the homes of his victims. The perfect heroine played my Agnes Moorehead is Cornelia Van Goerder an eccentric mystery writer who rents out the old mansion for the summer. She’s strong, smart, and fearless. Mix in suspicious characters, a bank heist, missing money, and a very larger manor house and your all set for a great film. 


Sudden Fear -  Following a whirlwind romance with an actor Myra fired from a production, playwright Myra marries the slick actor who seduces her on the train (how romantic). Shortly after their marriage Myra overhears her Husband and his lover plotting to murder her for her inheritance. Distrot On the brink of madness she pulls plots her revenge. Joan Crawford can play crue and deranged better then most and this film is no exception. She always stunning and in complete control even when her character is going out of her mind. Her husband is an impeccable display of strangely handsome and grotesque at the same time. Full of glamour, backstabbing, plotting, and suspense all with the signature glamour of Ms Crawford and the peak of Hollywood style. 



The Keepers - This docu-series focuses on the murder of Sister Cathy Sysnick and the conduct of the Catholic Archdiocese in Baltimore Maryland. I really enjoyed this series, however I think it really wandered away from the mystery of Sister Cathy and the aspect of murders and focused completely on the alleged sex crimes. Of course I completely understand the relevance but it would have been great if those 2 elements could have been separated into 2 seasons. I found the information was either muddled or repeated at nauseum.  

What’s been holding your attention lately?  

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