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In The Deep of Winter

Cold, dark, bleak. Any season has it scary points but winter brings out feelings of venerability and isolation. Darkness leads to seasonal depression for some, isolation from impassible highway and rural roads. Extreme temperatures can kill, intense storms. It can all build the perfect setting for a good scare. 

 Curtains (1983) 


Synopsis - A famous stage actress and her husband plot to put her in an insane asylum for research into a part for an upcoming play. We find out that he planned to leave her there and is holding auditions for other woman to take her part. Of course the best place for this to happen is in a house up in the woods after a big snow dump. His wife breaks out and makes it to his audition, causing some friction. Oh, as well the presence of a masked killer stalking the auditioning actresses. 

My thought - Very classic 80’s lots of blush, blouses, and no bras. Heavy use of hysterical sobbing and a touch of lesbian action. All around your basic slasher, isolated victims in a house in the woods. Not very gorey, not very disturbing, not very suspenseful, although we have snow in it it’s not a main factor in the film. The mask was good and creepy, and the use of curtains was really unique and fun. 


The Children ( 2008)

Synopsis - Two sisters celebrating New Years in a large home in the woods, along with their husbands and children. Through the film we get to see a deep level of mistrust and deviency amoung the adults and one by one the children begin getting ill and acting very strange. What’s more disconcerting then your children out to get you? The children continue getting ill and plotting to kill the adults, ultimately it’s revealed that this is not an isolated incident as we see more infected children towards the closing of the film.

My Thoughts - Decent movie, the parents were very flighty and unbelievable but that’s true to most horror films. The theme of killer kids has a creep factor that can be very frightening but hard to pull off effectively. This one missed the mark but still a good watch. The home and setting were lovely and had a very mild winter wonderland effect. The long wooded drive created the sense of isolation but the sudden appearance of children at the end really killed that.  


The Corridor (2010)

Synopsis - They've been the best of buddies for more than a decade, but now they're changing—getting married, getting promoted, going bald, going insane. During a male-bonding weekend, they will discover a spectral corridor through the woods—an impossible hallway where none should be. It will lead these five men into fear, into betrayal, and into the biggest change of them all: by weekend's finish... they'll be dead.

My thoughts - I watch this film two days ago. And I’m still not entirely sure what I feel about it. It’s your classic group of childhood or young adult friends get back together later in life go to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere to reconnect and have a boys weekend. And then it goes terribly wrong. This movie includes so many classic tropes of the isolated cabin horror movie but done almost in a irritating way. We have the guy who had the mental break down possibly. We have the friend who is trying to force himself to reconnect with him. We have the guy with the family problems. We have the guy who some of the wild card. And then we have the guy who’s afraid of growing older. The movie is shot beautifully the location is lovely the set up is lovely the special-effects are our wonderful that the Corredor itself is magical and sci-fi and the Gore in the movie is intense but not over done. But there’s just something very repetitive of it and no way to connect with the characters it’s very been there before sort of a simpler knock off of Stephen Kings Dreamcatcher. I just don’t know what to say about it do you recommend watching it if you want to try out for yourself it’s available currently on shutter it wasn’t very long but the beginning was very slow but keep in mind it does get momentum in the later half.


I Am Not A A Serial Killer (2016) 

Synopsis - A boy on the borderline of becoming a killer, a rash of strange killings in his small town, his family is disfunctional, his therapist is a bird watcher, and it’s cold.

John lives with his single mother in the family run funeral home, his sister is in and out of the picture and he believes he is turning into a psychopath. The only thing that brings him out of himself and his path is hunting down and trying to understand the rash of killings in his hometown all of which include black sludge and missing organs.

My Thoughts - I can’t say enough about this film. The setting is cold, bleak, and depressing. The cast are fantastic. John is isolated in so many ways throughout the film, by his mental outlook, the kids at school, his family, his interests, and finally the knowledge his neighbour is a monsterious killer. It’s so clever to bring up a main character flawed and possibly doomed to be a homicidal maniac and make him the saviour of the film. Everyone has been after him to fix himself yet it’s his dark compulsions that lead him on a quest for answers and finding the pattern in the local killers victims. Leaving you after the film questioning if he was only stopped from becoming a serial killer by the prescience of another killer. What about the future? I love endings that are open and not cute and tiddy. 

The Open House


Synopsis - A teen and his mother move out to his aunts mountain house after the death of his father. Struggling to get back on their feet and deal with their grief, they begin experience unerving events. Seems someone is watching them and may have moved into the home following the open house.

My thoughts - The sense of eeriness was bang on. Did you leave this movie was effective creepy Erie sense of isolation set locations were beautiful the mood and atmosphere that the film created was great. At first I thought well the only thing missing was the story. After reflecting on it, that was a false first impression. There was a story, and it was normal people, dealing with normal shitty life. Not everything needs to be more then what it is on the surface. We learn only as much as the characters. The killer can sometimes be just a killer and that’s far scarier then an immensely complicated backstory. If you can enjoy a story for what it is and not need to have a grand reason for everything then I recommend this one. 

Of course this only a few and ones that I really enjoyed for one reason or another. I plan to follow this up with a few that really tap into the fear of isolation during the dark blizzards of winter.

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