Welcome to my blog. A place to document my journey through life via the things I love most.

Getting Fresh

New year, new start. Out with the old, in with the new and all that blahbity, blah blah. I do have greatest of intentions to nurture this blog and prune it into something more cultivated and beautiful, rather then just thriving chaos which it’s currently reminding me of lol.

I really love sharing recipes but find that getting myself organized to prepare and photograph them is challenging. So while I have a ton of drafted write ups I am struggling with working out a system to timetable and mange completion so that’s a big goal of mine this year.

Getting technical! Layout, media, photos, promoting, everything. Starting with fixing links and basic formatting. It already gives me a headache but I can and will push through it.  

Horror, gore, and monsters. It dawned on me that this is really where my heart lies and I have so many opinions and knowledge on the matter. I’ve mentioned in passing through round up posts podcast, books etc that I’ve been into. Doing something more in-depth and substanical is calling to me. This may push into a whole other realm of social media but I’m looking forward to it.  

Sharing more, there are many areas that I wanted to venture into with this blog and those have been largely ignored.

So that’s a rough plan for the year. Here is to hoping that life doesn’t decide to through to many massive shattering curve balls at me. 


In The Deep of Winter

2018 Wrap Up and Looking Toward 2019